Preparing to sell your business

Thinking about selling your business?

Preparing your business for sale is important.

It’s all about looking at your business from the perspective of a potential buyer, and thinking about what they’ll be looking for when listing a business for sale.

Planning your exit strategy is the ideal way to maximise your sale price and minimise the time your business is on the market.

Whether you’re hoping to sell your business quickly, or are planning ahead for a sale in the coming months or years, we’re here to help you lay the foundations to get the ideal sale result.

Rather than wondering where to start, get in touch with us for an obligation-free meeting. We’ll help you get started with a thoughtful approach to selling your business, to maximise results.

Things to consider when selling your business:

Sell when your business is at its best:

The ideal time to sell is when your business is still performing at its optimum level. This is why planning ahead for your exit strategy is so important - it means you can be proactive in selling, before your business hits a downturn and becomes less appealing to potential buyers.

Make yourself redundant:

We understand you’ve put a lot of work into making your business a success, but it's important to start making yourself redundant before you start to sell. Upskill and train your staff to carry out your role in the business, so that you can confidently sell a business which can succeed without you at the helm.

Provide accurate financial data:

Make sure your bookkeeping is accurate and up to date and think about where you could improve your business’s financial health. The higher the turnover and net profit of your business, the higher the sale price you’ll be able to achieve. In today’s market, banks are tough when it comes to lending to purchasers - it’s more important than ever that you have your books in order.

Style your business for sale:

Just like selling a house, when you’re selling a business, visual appeal matters. Clients are looking for clean and tidy businesses when they choose to buy. Take the time to sell off old stock, clean up your shelves, tidy up work areas, throw out old equipment, carry out essential repairs and freshly paint your premises. As part of our obligation-free meeting we’ll look at your business with fresh eyes, and offer some cost effective ways to achieve a better-presented opportunity for sale.

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