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  • Fontanella Health Pty Ltd
  • Fontanella Health Pty Ltd
  • Fontanella Health Pty Ltd
Natural Health Business Online Opportunity – Fontanelle Health Pty Ltd

Fontanella Health Pty Ltd

Ready to Trade Online Business Opportunity
Fontanella isn't just a brand. It's a testament to the relentless pursuit of health and happiness by a visionary – Dr. Mike Pukanic.

In a world overwhelmed by synthetic solutions, Dr. Mike and his wife, Dr. Alka, both medical doctors, delved deep into the heart of nature to create herbal remedies. Born from their joint experiences in medical consultation and research, Fontanella emerged as a beacon for women navigating the tumultuous journey of menopause.

Why Fontanella?

Natural Health Championed:
Using exclusively naturally sourced ingredients, Fontanella aims to alleviate the complex symptoms of menopause - from hot flashes to anxiety. Every product reflects a commitment to natural health, herbal medicinal solutions, and the intricacies of the female body.

The Legacy Lives On:
After years of establishment and strong product foundations, Fontanella is poised for its next chapter. It offers a unique opportunity for an entrepreneur or business that recognises the potential of this brand's legacy, the market growth, and the evergreen value of natural health solutions.

Everything's Ready to Bloom:
With stock included that retails over $270,000, TGA approved formulas, and a brand-new company ready for instant online trading, Fontanella stands as a complete package.

Key Inclusions:
• TGA approved formulas: Menopause Formula, Memory Boost Formula, Super Antioxidant, with the potential for more.
• Fontanella and Super Antioxidant trademarks.
• Ready-made contacts from manufacturers to designers.
• Ready-to-trade company – Fontanella Health Pty Ltd.
• Website Live and Ready to take orders – https://fontanella.com.au/
• The blessing to use Dr. Mike's name, image, and inspiring story.

The story behind Fontanella is ripe with potential. It's about capturing the ethos of a brand rooted in genuine concern for women's health, understanding the intricacies of menopause, and presenting it with renewed vigour and passion.

Opportunity knocks for those who recognise it. Dive into the world of natural health solutions with Fontanella and carve a niche in the thriving wellness market.

For a limited time, seize this opportunity at a market-leading price of $99,000.

Take the step towards a healthier tomorrow.

Please contact Daniel Connolly on +6142048118 or [email protected] for further particulars.

Daniel Connolly

Daniel Connolly