Small Business Giveback


Small Business Giveback

Meet Kurt .  Simple life.  Runs his own coffee van.  Enjoys chatting to his customers as he makes all his customers smile with his great coffee and genuine nature.

Talking to one of his regulars, Kurt discovers that her 26 year daughter (we will refer to her as Lisa), is rapidly losing her sight due to complications from Type 1 Diabetes. 

Lisa has struggled since her sight started to fail.  She had panic attacks at work because her sight became compromised by zig zag lines and eventually, Lisa had to stop work.  She got to the stage that she did not see the purpose in living.

Kurt learns that Lisa was given a coffee machine as a gift as she has developed an interest in coffee.  He was quick to volunteer the knowledge that coffee is made by feel and that Lisa can make good coffee despite her oncoming adversity.

Kurt then goes the extra mile, sets up a time to show Lisa how it is all done.  He sets up his van on the weekend and goes through the steps, one by one, on how to feel and make an excellent coffee.

Lisa is bubbling with her new found knowledge and confidence to seek work experience as a barista.  She has been given the gift of Hope from a big guy with a big heart.

Kurt making coffee