Offer! Offer! Offer!


Offer! Offer! Offer!

The month of April can only be described as the wildest roller coaster ride!  To top it off, this week we had 3 offers on 3 different businesses for sale and an offer on an investment property currently off market.  

We have numerous buyers seeking out these opportunities that are sustainable.  There is security and minimal risk to be had in the current market with the assistance of low interest rates and the ability to provide one of the basic needs of people - FOOD.

Investing in your own business can secure you against losing your job and keeping you in charge of your own future.

The most popular businesses for sale at the moment is those that produce and supply food.  You can further secure your future by purchasing a freehold business which locks you in as your own tenant and landlord.

We have the perfect combination in a freehold bakery that has the local market all wrapped up.